What’s Included in Our Web Development Services?

For most people, price is the determining factor when having a website built.

As a business owner you are likely focused on the bottom line.  You should be. That's why you're investing in your website — to increase your bottom line.

It's easy to find inexpensive web designers who will create a simplistic, and often not very attractive, cookie cutter site.  What you save in money you usually pay for in other ways, like client conversion.

  • The true purpose of a website is to serve as the central "hub" for your marketing and branding efforts.
  • Design decisions should be based on your audience behavior, tendencies, and preferences.

Almost any function can be incorporated into your website to support your marketing strategy and business goals.
Blogs, forums, subscriptions, announcements, social media integration, e-commerce, galleries... the list goes on. 

Basics Functions


Laughing Fox designs are customized with colors and fonts to create a beautiful, appealing flow and are designed to create the image you wish to portray to your audience.

Your site will include images you provide, and in the case you are starting with none or just a few, we locate images for you to enhance the visuals of your site to create a beautiful design that everybody loves!

User Experience

User experience is the lasting feeling a user will have after visiting your site.

  • How easy information located?
  • Did the links open?
  • Did the content have a logical flow?

Laughing Fox is a big advocate of responsive design - our sites cater to people viewing the web on smartphones and tablets.

Content & Copy Writing

Content includes the text or language of the site.

  • Can't think of what to say? Don't worry, we can research your product or services and copy write for you.
  • Or you can send us specific test of what you want to say.
  • Most likely will end up with something in between the two.

We research your competitors to see how the most successful are key wording their information, and we follow their lead.

We also utilize research for keywords and negative keywords in the site to bring your site hopefully to page one in the listings.

(Don't forget to ask us about blogging and posting for your social media later!)

SEO & Tagging

You will be given a link to your project, so we can make any final tweaks until you're happy for the project to go live.

When you are satisfied, we hook up all that mysterious SEO in the back end!

We include tags and we edit the text that shows up in the search engines (the snippets you see when you search the web).


  • The last thing we do is submit your site to the search engines.
  • We also add your site to our Google WebMaster Tools and run tests from your site to make sure it shows up correctly in searches in different browsers and on a variety of different devices.


We hook up a statistic counter so you get weekly reports about the flow of traffic to your site. You can log in to see:

  • The physical location of the users (by city and state, and by IP address)
  • The types of devices they are seeing you on.
  • The browsers they used.
  • What pages they are visiting
  • How long they remain on each page.
  • What page they came in on and what page they exited from.
  • If they clicked on any links on your site.
  • Any downloads they made from  your site.
  • Any actions they made on your site.
  • If they returned.
  • Keywords they used to find you.
  • Links they clicked that took them to your site (referring links).

This information will be valuable to you.

  • We can work with you to update the site later based on the reports, You may decide to build up certain pages, rearrange menus or add videos and posts.
  • What you see on these reports will clarify to you what your target audience is looking for, what they like and are interested in.

Social Profiles & Networks

We understand social platforms and can create personal and company profiles for you on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and more, linking everything to tie back in to your website (front and back end).

We utilize social badges so your audience can repeat your blogs on their own platforms & share via email or posts information that you publicize on your website.