"Everything you can imagine is real." -- Pablo Picasso

An Affordable, Stunning Customized Website Built to Capture and Display Your Unique Essence.

Your Voice, in Beautiful Esthetics with Speed, Functionality & User Friendly.
Designed to Engage Your Audience While Ranking in Search Engines. 

Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

I will interview you. Find your voice, your image, your deepest self, and portray your services, your skills and products, packaged in a way that takes their breath away.

Interactive, multiple page websites with plugins, catelogs, shopping carts, payment interfaces, redirects, stat reports, sitemaps, contact forms, call buttons, security, browser testing, submission to search engines and more.

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A Few Things I’m Freakin’ Great At


My every design begins with research of who you are, even your reviews…the good, the bad and the ugly.
Our goal will be to make you SHINE.

I will also research your market, niche, and competition.

We will want to know WHO your audience is. What devices do they view you on, what are their favorite shows, their age group, their income etc.
Your site will be customized to appeal to your target audience utilizing everything from colors and fonts to videos and shopping carts with preferred payment methods. 

Later, based on your monthly stat reports, integrated into your site, we can see where you are getting traffic and interest and know where to direct energy.

Whatever we need to do.

Responsive Design & Custom Theme

My responsive WordPress themes smoothly adjust their layout based on the viewers screen size and resolution. These responsive themes offer terrific readability and usability on smaller screens such as smart phones. Your single site can be viewed on various devices.

Ah..here comes the list. You won’t want to do everything, but you will want some things like: contact form, location map, blog, forum, shopping cart, subscription, testimonials, list of services, menu, team profiles, video of your shop or work area, job postings, pop ups, search bar, ezines, sound cloud, rss feed, social feeders, games, etsy shops, call button, call outs, and more. 

I also do copywriting, can edit existing text and design headers, logos and brand images to accompany your pages and posts. 

Everything you need.

Social Profiles & Web Presence

Ya gotta look good. I am OCD about that.

• We want 5-star reviews and listings where listings are relevant.
• You want most all the social platforms set up and ready to go.

And you know what? You want them INTERWOVEN with your website. Social platforms and websites are intrinsically tied together and ALL these elements, including directories, BBB listing,email addresses and images, ALL of these things define WHO YOU ARE.

And here is my specialty: where you see yourself as ordinary, plain and within constraints you place on yourself… I do not. My magic is that I see the magic in people and this comes through on my websites. YOUR website.

I show the world a fabulous you!